Vivago’s unique concept received the international red dot design award


Highly revered design award goes to the Finnish-made wellness watch for older people

- Vivago’s unique concept received the international red dot design award


The safety- and wellbeing-technology company Vivago has been awarded the international design award for its wellness watch for older people. The red dot design award is the world’s largest and most distinguished design award, giving recognition for advanced product planning and design. Vivago’s CARE 8001 wellness watch is a globally unique concept, supporting older people in living at home independently and safely, as well as improving the quality of care work.

The wellness watch continuously monitors its user’s movements and daily rhythms, and provides up-to-date information on the older person’s general condition. A change in normal daily life; such as immobility due to reduced blood sugar, prolonged bed rest brought on by flu, or simply removing the watch; can lead to an automatic alarm. Users can also call for help themselves with the watch’s manual alarm button. The technology is globally unique.

“We are proud of the fact that the already award-winning technology has also received this internationally distinguished and coveted design award. We strongly aim for international markets and the recognition bestowed by leading experts will open doors for us. All of the award-winning products in the completion are considered to be of the highest quality in their fields, so this recognition is a solid tribute to Finnish design and work,” states Vivago’s CEO, Katja Kääriä.

Ease of use as the design’s starting point

The starting point for designing the wellbeing technology for older people was its ease of use. The watch was designed jointly with older people, through the help of care-home test groups and feedback discussions.

The design’s most important task is to guide the user to act correctly in an emergency. The manual alarm button has been styled to be clearly discernible, making it easy to press in an emergency.

The watch’s unobtrusive colouring is pleasing to the eye. The materials are allergy tested and, in response to input from users, the size of the watch has been reduced from earlier versions. The watch’s discreet appearance encourages older people to keep it in use around the clock.

“Older people do not want to be seen as needing help by wearing a device with garish colours or a clumsy design. Resembling a conventional wristwatch, the elegantly designed wrist unit encourages the user to keep it on. From a safety viewpoint, it is important that the watch is used around the clock. The continuous health monitoring provides valuable, up-to-date information on the development of the user’s general condition,” says Kääriä.

The recognition is a tribute to Finnish expertise

The red dot design award is a sought-after and internationally respected design award, and is considered to be a special seal of quality.

This year, the red dot design award attracted 1800 designers and manufacturers from 58 countries worldwide. The jury consisted of 30 international experts who assessed a total of 4515 products.

The yearly changing jury members are renowned designers and design experts from around the world. The jury members make their decisions independently and impartially. The jury especially appreciated the wellness watch’s clear design, combined with numerous useful features that support older people in living at home independently and safely, and improve the quality of care work.

The award has three categories: ‘red dot award: product design’, ‘red dot award: communication design’, and ‘red dot award: design concept’. Vivago won the award in the ‘product design’ category.

“We are especially pleased that we will receive the accolade during Helsinki’s tenure as Design Capital this year. The award is also a tribute to Finnish design, and an indicator of the international renown enjoyed by Finnish design,” continues Kääriä.

Vivago products are designed and manufactured in Finland. Vivago’s wellness watches carry the ‘Made in Finland’ Key Flag symbol.

The award ceremony for the red dot design award will take place on 2 July 2012 in Essen, Germany.