Vivago is participating Radical Design event in Shanghai, China


Intelligent Home – Wellbeing for Citizens is a workshop focusing on the potential of advanced technologies in improving the quality of life of the ageing population, Finland – China joint opportunities included. The workshop brings together experts from universities, research institutions, companies, public sector entities, and NGOs to share their experiences and ideas on joint research and development.

The focus is on supporting the everyday life activities, wellbeing and safety of citizens as suggested by the concepts of  “intelligent home” and “active life home”: embedding technology to everyday life and finding ways to use existing technologies in more intelligent ways, for example in understanding daily activities, behaviors, and rhythms – including physical and emotional aspects.

At the workshop, joint development, piloting and research activities of Finnish and Chinese partners, initiated in the context of Active Ageing cooperation, will be presented. Setting up joint testing and co-creation environments for new technology enabled solutions in real-world settings (e.g. Living Labs) will also be discussed. At the workshop there will be opportunities to present activities and demos that can be used as a basis for R&D&I.

The invitation-only-workshop will be joined by Vivago's representative.

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