Vivago CARE watch

Vivago CARE watch

The Vivago CARE watch provides personalized security

The Vivago CARE watch is a unique and pioneering device. The watch is designed to withstand even the toughest conditions. The user can call for help him- or herself using the watch. In situations in which the person is unable to make the alarm, the watch does it for them automatically. The watch is designed for all phases of the care chain: home care, assisted living, sheltered housing, and for hospitals and rehabilitation centres. Also available is a Vivago CARE watch with the capability to detect whether the person leaves the home. This is specifically designed for persons with memory loss conditions.

Ensuring wellbeing from a distance

The Vivago CARE watch measures the user’s micro- and macro-level movements, and learns to adapt to the user’s normal daily rhythms. The measured information on any changes in the customer's condition is automatically delivered in report form to family members or to the care professionals in charge of the customer's care. The reports allow monitoring of how the person’s wellbeing and functional ability may have changed within a selected timeframe. If the person’s wellbeing changes for the worse, the watch automatically alerts the designated caregiver or care professional. The data collected by the Vivago CARE watch can help in preventative care and for ensuring that the customer gets the right care when and where it’s needed.

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Stylish appearance. High usability.

The Vivago CARE watch looks like an ordinary wristwatch, with large numbers to clearly indicate the date and time. The comfort and usability of the watch are increased even further by the stylish design, which does not stigmatise that the user is receiving care. Studies show that the Vivago CARE watch usability ratio is as high as 94%.

The Vivago CARE watch suits everyone

The Vivago CARE watch looks very different from a regular alarm contact. The watch is designed to provide added security to the user, and added value and information for those caring for the user. The watch adapts to the user’s lifestyle rhythms and needs in a variety of care environments. The watch always provides personalized data on the person being cared for. 

Functions of the Vivago CARE watch

  1. Automatic alarms
  2. Wellbeing notifications
  3. Wellbeing monitoring
  4. Alarm pendant
  5. Personal safety
  6. Self-diagnostics
  7. Wandering detection