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20. November
Satu Ruissalo, Marketing Director, Vivago Ltd

The path to rehabilitation is everyone’s own

The challenges of rehabilitation are the same whether you are recovering from an injury, accident or neurological condition, or whether the activation is needed for ailments due to old age. It’s a balancing act between physical activity and rest, combined to the person’s own will and motivation to feel better.


23. February
Satu Ruissalo, Marketing Director, Vivago Ltd

Wellbeing information provides support for rehabilitation and discharge

Taukokangas Oy is a care, rehabilitation and health services company operating at Oulainen that offers its services to a wide range of customer groups. At Taukokangas, the aim is to promote residents' health and ability to function and work in all life situations.


3. January
Satu Ruissalo, Marketing Director, Vivago Ltd

City of Vantaa as a pioneer

The Korso Centre for the Elderly monitors its residents' wellbeing in order to develop its operations and support the everyday life of the residents


20. October
Satu Ruissalo, Marketing Director, Vivago Ltd

The enhanced assisted living units at Service Home Palmu-Pori emphasise privacy and personalised care

Quick actions taken as a result of a change in a resident’s condition have normalised the amount of sleep of many residents, while also improving their circadian rhythm and daytime activity


5. June
Maria Lavonen, CEO, Vivago Ltd

Wellbeing monitoring – New measuring system in health care

What if, it was possible to monitor the wellbeing of the elderly in real-time? What if, there was an automatic measuring system for the effectiveness of care, process of rehabilitation and level of functional performance?


23. May
Satu Ruissalo, Marketing Director, Vivago Ltd

Vivago’s smart technology speeds up the transition from a hospital without walls into home care and rehabilitation

The process of discharging a patient is often slow and demands multiprofessional care.