Vivago technology supports everyday routines

Support for every day routines

Vivago solution adapts according to need

Vivago offers innovative solutions that bring safety to the everyday lives of the disabled and those under mental health rehabilitation. The Vivago solutions support everyday routines and chores. Unlike traditional safety solutions, the Vivago solutions ensure the user's safety even in situations where they are personally unable to call for help. The Vivago solution adapts to the individual needs of the resident and the service provider.

The diverse wellbeing data supports proactive and timely care. Vivago also functions as a care phone and the alarm button can be found on both the Vivago CARE watch and the Vivago DOMI smart care phone.

Vivago solution measures activity levels, sleep and circadian rhythm

The Vivago solution collects up-to-date information on the user's wellbeing. The technology helps create valuable information on the development of the user's wellbeing, quality and rhythm of sleep and daily activity levels. The information on the sleep and circadian rhythm and on any changes in the activity levels is automatically delivered to the party in charge of the customer's care, enabling a quick reaction time to any changes in the customer's condition. The wellbeing information is automatically compiled into reports that can be utilised when planning treatment and monitoring the effectiveness of medication. The documents and reports are easy to bring to doctor's appointments or shared with family members. Vivago's wellbeing information supports proactive and timely care. 

With the appearance of an ordinary wristwatch, the Vivago CARE watch does not brand its user

The Vivago CARE watch looks like an ordinary wristwatch with large numbers to clearly indicate the date and time. The user comfort is increased by the fact that the watch does not brand its user as someone in need of assistance. The watch has received a number of international awards, and the elegant design also increases the utilisation rate.

Actigraphy supports mental health rehabilitation

A study in Harjavalta found that digital monitoring supports the treatment process of a committed mental health rehabilitator. Vivago solution provided good results utilizing technology in nursing. Vivago system was used for monitoring the effectiveness of medication and treatment, as well as detecting changes in wellbeing at home after a hospital period.

Aspa-home Omenapiha is testing a new technology: the Vivago CARE watch tells how things are going

In Aspa-koti Omenapiha (Appleyard) in Valkeakoski the mood last spring was expectant. It had been agreed that Omenapiha residents and staff would be a pilot group for testing the Vivago CARE watch. “We have for years had a nurse call system in our homes for severely disabled people and people with developmental disorders, but a watch that measures wellbeing for mental health customers is something completely new,” says Sirpa Wallendahl, Development Manager for Aspa Services Ltd.

Case: Monitoring bipolar disorder – Monitoring of functional capacity improved George’s quality of life

George is an 81-year-old man who lives at home and suffers from bipolar disorder. A regular rhythm of life, identification of predictive symptoms and timely intervention are important in this disease.

Frequently asked questions

Unlike traditional nurse call systems, the Vivago solution can automatically call for help when the person is unable to do so. The up-to-date information on the user's activity and the development of their wellbeing, compiled by the solution, acts as an indicator of functional capacity. It offers proactive means of addressing any changes in the customer's wellbeing.



Vivago solution measures activity, sleep and circadian rhythm. It is possible to follow the quality and amount of sleep with the Vivago solutions. Sleep, activity trends, amount of alarms and the usage rate of the watch give valuable long-term information. Daily activity and for example the time spent outdoors are valuable tools in measuring the user’s activity.

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