Best support for your customers with Vivago solutions

Vivago provides comprehensive wellbeing and health solutions at various points in the care paths. Vivago solution covers the needs for rehabilitation and discharge, home care and assisted living, as well as the needs for disabilities and mental health rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation and discharge

The Vivago solution increases the sense of security, supports the daily care work, and allows monitoring the effectiveness of treatment. Read more!

Home care

Vivago solutions provide preventive care and support the independent living at home. Get to know the solution!

Assisted living

Vivago solution adapts to the individual needs of the customer and service provider. More information here.

Disabilities and mental health rehabilitation

Vivago solution creates a safe living environment and supports the daily routines. Read more about the solution here.


Case Pori – Rehabilitation hospital of Pori embraces Vivago analytics and wellbeing information

The rehabilitation hospital in the city of Pori renewed their care processes with the help of Vivago technology. With Vivago CARE watch, both the discharged patients and the patients in the ward and are now under continuous monitoring 24/7. Vivago’s real-time wellbeing information was used to demolish all thresholds in the care process and to create a “hospital without walls”. As a result, the duration of rehabilitation periods were shortened and the city has achieved significant cost savings.

Case Juva – Wellbeing information as the basis of home care in Juva, Finland

The small town of Juva in Eastern Finland took new technology as a tool to develop the quality of home care. Vivago technology and analytics were launched with a lean pilot project. On-going training ensures the benefits of analytic data in improving care work.