Wellbeing information provides support for rehabilitation and discharge


Vivago supports rehabilitation and discharge planning

Unique wellbeing information achieves considerable savings in rehabilitation and home care

The wellbeing information produced by Vivago supports timely transfers from hospital care to rehabilitation and home care. In practice, the Vivago solution could mean that customers can be discharged up to 60% faster. The nursing staff also has the constant chance of reacting to any changes in the patient's wellbeing.

Vivago is a game-changing care solution supporting the change of operating processes

The analytics produced by the Vivago solution reduce unnecessary policies and make the monitoring of wellbeing information easy and effortless. The understanding on the customer's level of wellbeing and its changes supports the efficient development of hospital and healthcare processes. The policies become more flexible and the nursing staff can focus on the essential – the treatment and wellbeing of the customer. The information and reports are available in real time.

Vivago solution moves towards outpatient care

Real-time monitoring of wellbeing information brings people living at home to the sphere of surveillance. The resident's independence and privacy is supported, but the right people are informed if there are any changes in the resident's wellbeing. Vivago's real-time wellbeing information is delivered over the thresholds of the care chain towards outpatient care. With the help of Vivago technology and analytics, continuity is increased in the care chain and the real-time wellbeing information follows the customer to the rehabilitation period at home. 

Response to changing needs in the future

  • Vivago is a functional, modern safety solution
  • Enables considerable cost savings
  • Monitoring of wellbeing and rehabilitation
  • Safety for discharge and home care
  • Proactive and enhanced care work
  • Comprehensive reporting options – additional tool for physicians
  • Provides information to family members as well

Case Pori – Rehabilitation hospital of Pori embraces Vivago analytics and wellbeing information

The rehabilitation hospital in the city of Pori renewed their care processes with the help of Vivago technology. With Vivago CARE watch, both the discharged patients and the patients in the ward and are now under continuous monitoring 24/7. Vivago’s real-time wellbeing information was used to demolish all thresholds in the care process and to create a “hospital without walls”. As a result, the duration of rehabilitation periods were shortened and the city has achieved significant cost savings.

Real-time wellbeing data gives more time for care work

The Rauma discharge team specializes in demanding home discharge and care assessment cases after a ward period for the elderly. The team sees that Vivago has the potential to monitor the progress of rehabilitation customers also in the future.

Frequently asked questions

The Vivago solution offers proactive means of addressing any changes in the customer's wellbeing. The effectiveness of treatment can also be monitored efficiently and, if necessary, remotely. In general, it can be said that the circadian rhythm is a sensitive signal reflecting the wellbeing of the elderly. 

Unlike traditional nurse call systems, the Vivago solution can automatically call for help when the person is unable to do so. The up-to-date information on the user's activity and the development of their wellbeing, compiled by the solution, acts as an indicator of functional capacity. It offers proactive means of addressing any changes in the customer's wellbeing.



Vivago solution measures activity, sleep and circadian rhythm. It is possible to follow the quality and amount of sleep with the Vivago solutions. Sleep, activity trends, amount of alarms and the usage rate of the watch give valuable long-term information. Daily activity and for example the time spent outdoors are valuable tools in measuring the user’s activity.

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